I can see you coming down the road. I can’t tell who you are or if you are big or small but I can see you and you don’t look like you’re doing so good. I don’t know what’s wrong but I figure someone told you that we would help you and that’s why you’re on your way here. I wish I could tell you to postpone your visit for a while or maybe just slow down a little but if you really need help I won’t ask you to wait. We won’t turn you away. It’s just that…you see…things around here have been…difficult, you might say, and we’re tired. Tired isn’t the right word but we could use a little time to get squared away. Like I said though, we won’t ask you to postpone your visit if you really need help.

God knows that we need some things and we know He’ll take care of us. Maybe that’s why He sent you here. He takes care of us, we take care of you. That’s how it works. I was going to tell Him that we could use some time to rest but He already knows how we’re doing.

Some people say that God won’t give us more than we can handle but that’s not true. He does that all the time. There is no Bible verse that says He won’t. Maybe this is another one of those times and we’ll have to trust him for strength and resources again…and again.

I suppose we could just not answer the door when you show up but He knows we won’t turn you away and you know that too. That’s why you’re on your way. Don’t worry, we’ll have a place ready for you when you get here. Be safe out there and just follow the rainbow. We’ll be praying for you.

~ Rod

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  1. Doris Lemke -

    Rod, I enjoy your writings. thanks for writing again. I believe the good Lord sends you and joy animals in need because he knows you both will help them. he will provide what you need in every way. keep believing in him.

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