The first thing in our morning ritual around here is to take Buddy outside. He usually goes out the back door first, comes back in and takes a nap. Then after Mom fixes the boy breakfast, we go out front and get down to business. That’s when we walk the perimeter and enjoy the morning. After we get back from our second jaunt, Buddy takes another nap. Doing dog stuff can be exhausting.

This morning, we decided to go inro the front yard for our first jaunt because THE BACK RAMP HAD SNOW ON IT! ICK! That ramp is a tad difficult to walk on. Treacherous is a better word. Snow, frozen white hell is covering everything this morning. It’s not thick but that’s not the point. It’s still snow and snow is cold and we don’t like the cold. It wasn’t this cold when we were younger but our blood was thicker then and our bones didn’t creak. Some might say it’s beautiful and I guess it is under certain circumstances like in a picture or on television or if you don’t have to get out in it or if you are five-years-old.

Anyway, me and the Budster are back inside now and he is currently sacked out on the floor in front of the sofa. Nimbus is sprawled next to the wood stove. (Nimbus loves the wood stove) and everyone else is sleeping in various nooks, crannies and cat beds. So far, I’ve cleared the snow from the ramp and vehicle, carried more firewood in, filled water containers for the shelter, did some dishes, made breakfast and made some hot tea is the Missus’ thermal tumbler so that it will be warm and ready when she gets up.

Did I mention that it snowed? Did I mention that we don’t like the cold?  The good news is that we and the fur babies are warm this morning. There was a time in their lives that they were outside, battling the elements, scrounging for food and searching for a place to stay warm and dry. You don’t forget those hard times and I know they are grateful for their home, as are we.

There are other fur kids out there enduring hardships today and their lives are even more difficult because of the cold and the snow. I’m sure they hate winter more than we do. Put yourself in their paws for a moment. Imagine that you were suddenly without a nice warm house. imagine that you had to find a place to stay warm and dry. Now, what are you going to eat? What are you going to drink? How will you stay clean and healthy? Now imagine being plagued by those fears and hardships all day today, tonight, tomorrow and every single day.

The fur kids here have God and WarmFuzzy’s to thank for being safe and warm. Will it always be that way? I hope so but I wonder…

Matthew 24:20
Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.

Please consider a donation to help keep the kitties warm in the shelter this winter.

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