This is a break down of expenses incurred in the care of animals at WarmFuzzy’s

The True Cost of Animal Care

Initial Expense Incurred before the animal gets in the door
Initial Medical Exam


Initial testing, blood work, etc. if no medical issues



If no complications

Litter Box


Heavy plastic with a cover

Scratching Post



Water Dish


must last 20 years

Food Dish


must last 20 years



Cat bed, blankets, etc



The above reflects a minimum base rate. Cost per animal is usually higher due to the deteriorated condition some animals are in when they arrive at WarmFuzzy’s. Some initial costs can and have run into the thousands of dollars.

Annual Expense

x 20 years average (we have had cats live over 24 years)

Recurring Medical


Monthly medication, flea treatment, etc (minimum)

Dry Food


Minimum – Some cats are on special diets

Wet Food


Minimum – Some cats are on special diets



Clean filtered water daily



Scoopable – litter boxes cleaned daily

Toys & Treats


No one wants a bored or unhappy cat

Scratching Post


Shared scratching posts, etc.

Cleaning (dishes, etc)


Someone has to wash the dishes, utensils, etc.



Bedding, cloth piddle pads, pillows and cushions.

Cleaning Supplies


Stain removers, antiseptics, peroxide, bleach, etc.



Recurring yearly expense per cat (minimum)

Recurring yearly expense per cat is listed as “minimum” because WarmFuzzy’s does not care for the average cat or dog. Our expenses are typically higher per animal. There are currently 35 cats in WarmFuzzy’s care in various stages of recovery and levels of health. That is a minimum realized base animal care expense of $30,975 per year directly attributed to individual cats plus the following:

Shelter Expense

Yearly recurring expenses

Additional Vet Bills


Some years are higher, none are lower We have had some years in the $15,000 range.


Nothing is free


Property and misc taxes

Building Maintenance

Things wear out. Things break.

Heating costs


Kerosene, heaters, wicks, etc

Electricity & cooling


Plus air conditioning and AC units

Additional Water


Water, filters, containers, fountains, etc

Waste Management


Trash bags, dumpster fees

Large Appliances


Washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, repair, replace

Small Appliances


Vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, fans, air cleaners, humidifiers


[fill in the blank] … plus every other necessary thing that is not listed:


Tables, chairs, sofas, television, radio, lamps, shelving


Tools, hoses, outside storage and everything else

Kitchen Supplies

Walk through your kitchen and you’ll get an idea.

Bathroom supplies

You can imagine what is needed in a bathroom

Paper towels, etc

We go through lots of paper items. It’s healthier

Vehicle expenses

Fuel, oil, maintenance, insurance, taxes


Telephone, cell phone, postal expenses


Computers, printers, Internet resources

Office Supplies

Paper, staplers, pens, pencils, post-it notes, you name it, we need it.


There is another important expense and we cannot pretend this one does not exist. It’s an end of life expense and it can range anywhere from $75-$150. Disposal/cremation for a small cat is around $75. The remainder is for “pre-disposal” services, shall we say. We will ALWAYS do everything within our power and resources to save and maintain a life but we will never allow an animal to suffer needlessly.

Note: Expenses presented are minimum and those who say, “I know that can be done cheaper,” will be those who have not cared for the type and quantity of animals that WarmFuzzy’s cares for nor can they boast similar success, survival rates and longevity for their animals.

To cut expenses, I suppose we could eliminate good quality wet food and premium dry food and go with the cheapest kibble available. We could eliminate our drinking water filter/purification systems. We could stop using scoopable litter and use the cheapest clay-based litter we can find. We know someone who uses dirt. We could do that. We could eliminate recurring monthly medical expenses and “let nature takes its course.” We could put a few dog houses on the property and eliminate the shelter altogether. Doing so would also eliminate litter expenses and the need to do laundry and wash dishes. No more utility bills, no more incidental expenses. We could even forgo the expense and placement of dog house shelters and just dump cheap dry food onto an old cookie sheet under a piece of plywood propped against a tree to shelter it from the rain and snow. Good luck kitties.

We do what we do the way we do it because everyone deserves life and love.

We sincerely appreciate your support.

We greatly appreciate your support.

The work that we do at WarmFuzzy's is possible because of gifts and donations from people like you. Thank you for all that you do for us so that we can continue to help those who cannot help themselves.