Nimbus and Monty Finally Enjoying a Better Life

When Nimbus showed up outside our back door, sick and hungry, WarmFuzzys said, “Yes.” When his friend Monty arrived later, also in bad shape, WarmFuzzys said, “Yes.” When Jazz showed up, severely beaten and in distress during the last freeze of winter, WarmFuzzys said, “Yes.”  When WarmFuzzys heard that Oliver was in the middle of a nightmare relationship and that he had been beaten and starved, we said, “Yes.” WarmFuzzys said, “Yes” when we heard that Buddy had been relegated to a backyard for nine years and ultimately abandoned when his owner was admitted to a nursing home. We also said “Yes,” when it was discovered that he had heart worm. I could tell you about hundreds more stories like this where WarmFuzzys has said, “Yes,” and you probably already know many of them. Sadie, Sir Butterscotch, Sophie, Georgia…you get the picture.

WarmFuzzys has always said, “Yes,” when others say “No,” or nothing at all.

Please say, “Yes,” with us today by donating to help with medical bills, food and shelter expenses for these little ones.

Saying nothing at all is saying, “No.”

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He is a policeman, a soldier, a programmer, a farmer, a murderer, a priest and a politician. Rod is anything that he wants to be. He's a consultant by day but he's an author by night.

Rod is the author of The Morning Zoo, hosted exclusively by WarmFuzzy's. He has also written several novels and proceeds from book sales help support WarmFuzzy's Rescue & Sanctuary. Mosey over to Amazon and get some.

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